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Clay, pottery and sculpture, my first medium, has intersected with a new passion: Printmaking. Photography binds the two together. Nature is my passion along with the National Parks of America. My art is experiential, literally in nature! I travel through the wild beauty and create a photographic journey from which I pull my inspiration. It’s all about texture. It inspires, simply from the shadow of light from a slatted fence playing on the sand of a beach to water rippling and glistening frothily on a rocky beach. It moves me to create from my photographs art in pottery, sculpture and print. It inspires and influences a wealth of overflowing creativity that’s bursting to be expressed.

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Cathleen Sullivan
Fine Artist

Hi, I’m Cathleen Sullivan, a fine artist located on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island, New York.

I create art in my studio and at LIU Post, New York. Clay is my first medium, printmaking second and photography binds the three together through its stimulation of naturally stunning places I’m fortunate to visit. It’s all about the texture that inspires, simply from patterns one finds on a windswept beach to the weave of a basket: Texture. It’s the driftwood washed up on the beach, light and shadow playing across objects to the ocean playing on the sand of the beach and the glistening ripple of water, movement, pattern and light. I find the beauty in everything that surrounds me and the texture just moves me to express it on clay or in a print or pull it from a photo.

I’ve been creating art my entire life. However, in 2003 I found clay. I was forever hooked. In 2013, I realized a dream of creating my own pottery studio. However, something was lacking. In February 2016 I realized what that was. I attended a scholarship day at LIU Post and received one. My visit to LIU changed my life and this was a place where I knew I had to be. I needed knowledge of art history and craved to learn everything about this business of art so I became a full-time Fine Art student and living my dream.

I have studied pottery in various studios on Long Island and have taken workshops and journeyed to Italy to continue in these endeavors. While at LIU Post 2016/17, I took my first printmaking class and was so inspired by this media and its infinite possibilities that I no longer have a preference: I love to express myself in both! My photography binds these two media together as I travel and photograph the places I visit from Tuscany, Italy, Yosemite National Park, to Washington State’s Olympic National Park. This summer will be a trip from Vancouver to Alaska and Denali National Park*. I cannot wait to capture something special in Alaska! Do I see Totems in my future?

So visit often and stay tuned: I’m reaching for the stars!

*2016 Recipient of the LIU Post’s O’Malley Travel Grant is making this trip possible.

My Gallery will exhibit current and past work. Visit Etsy link for fine art that’s available for sale.




Upcoming Exhibition

Nature’s Wild Beauty: The Olympic National Park’s Rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean

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